Thursday, May 19, 2022

Tuesday's primaries were solid for progressives

Most of the results seem to be leaving Conservadems at a loss. But that's their problem.
Tuesday’s primary elections were defined by historic super PAC spending attempting to quash a number of progressive candidates and an attempted hostile takeover of the Democratic primary process like we’ve never seen. At last count, just a handful of super PACs had dumped $18 million to influence the outcome in favor of moderates.

The expectation in politics is that the person with the most money wins. And that played out in several races Tuesday night. In numerous races, massive super PAC money backed moderate candidates with institutional endorsements and little enthusiasm. But surprisingly, progressives largely won the argument that voters want to see their representatives fighting for an agenda rather than fighting to stop it. The candidates most tied to trying to slam the brakes on progress were defeated. The candidates who organized their communities in favor of getting things done for the people were successful. And in one incredible instance, voters saw through the hollowness of millions of outside dollars. - The American Prospect
Also worth noting is that attempts by MAGA kooks to take over school boards mostly failed. The author of that correctly points out that this is clearly a winning issue for Democrats, and many should make more effective use of it.

Rather intriguing, the most extreme Party of Trumpers did markedly better in races east of the Mississippi River. Maybe just an anomaly, maybe not.


  1. Just curious, do you know if the Democrats are not going to offer a candidate in three Pennsylvania congressional districts -- 13, 14 and 15 ?
    And does the DFL have a candidate to oppose Fischbach in the Seventh?

    Ya gotta wonder how many people will vote in Minnesota's First District primary (already underway with mail-in precincts) set for this Tuesday.
    Has Ettinger made an effort to get his name out there? Heck, when you only get 65% of the DFL endorsing convention vote on the second round, says people have no idea who he is or what he stands for. I have gotten two mailers -- at least Painter has been on the radio (which is a smart move considering farmers are in the fields and not likely to change the station whereas a mailer gets a quick glance and then tossed.)

    BUT the "independent expenditures" are spending on TV and in mailers.
    In the MNGOP primary,
    $1,358,220 Protect Freedom PAC (Rand Paul promoting Munson)
    $1,226,194 American Dream Federal Action (promoting Finstad)
    $915,787 Defending Main Street SuperPac (promoting Finstad)
    $208,791 Americans For Prosperity (promoting Finstad)

    Plus the candidates have been sending out their own ... Carnahan is on TV and I have gotten 7 mailers from her and two letters from Munson.

    Then throw in Benda and Pierson, who will surely get votes from their families, pulling votes from the Finstad-Munsion contest. In the end, there will be millions spent to promote a losing candidate. Heck, I doubt the winning candidate will break 45% of the vote.

    BTW ... I keep hearing about "inflation" being a big issue ... with all that money being spent on political campaign, there is no doubt that some power brokers are doing A-OK.

    1. I don't know about the Pennsylvania districts. I generally find Ballotpedia to be reasonably reliable, and it says there's no DFLer in MN-07 at this time. I suppose they'll find someone.

      Painter has been active online and all, but being an ex-Republican, on top of his miserable showing in the primary vs. Tina in 2018, has clearly hurt. I suspect Ettinger is taking the primary for granted, and holding his fire (and money) for the general.

    2. Yep ... IMO, Ettinger is making a mistake by not developing name recognition and trying to distinguish himself from the MNGOP ... I trust that they will be highlighting the anti-Munson ad featuring his stance on COVID

  2. It seems that I spoke too soon about MN-07.